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Take a Travel Iron on your next traveling

If you like me, have to move a lot but always want to look clean and tidy. And you definitely want to keep the clothes you wear smooth and free-wrinkle. But it’s not might easy to find an iron in your hotel room or have a serviceman doing it for you might not always be a good idea. I love to do it myself and have the clothes be ready when I was about to go out and feel more confident with my outfit. I’m not a fan of being fashionable, but it has to look neat and decent.

To do it, I always have one travel iron in my suitcase wherever I go and magically work for my trip. No waiting for the serviceman to bring your shirt up, no horrified of full of wrinkle on your dress. It’s just perfect.

What is a travel iron

A Travel Iron is a compact iron, weighs around 1-1.5 pound. They are light, portable, functional just as the normal one in a light and compact format for travel. That will only take a small space of your suitcase but can make your trip entirely difference.

Who will need a travel iron

There are several kinds of tourist, and there are some people who are travel for business. If you see yourself in those points, you need to go to the market or Amazon to buy a travel iron:

  • Who frequently travel to foreign cultures and like to live among locals
  • Try to be well-groomed wherever they are, who care about their appearance
  • Who loves to go and organize a vacation on your own. Who are independent and want to be active in any occasion.
  • Who usually be away for business (when neat clothes are required)
  • Who hasn’t settle in, and keep changing residence.
  • A Perfectionist

How to choose a Travel iron

Now, there are several factors that you should consider when it comes to selecting a perfect travel iron suit with your need. The first three is vital factors that a unwrinkle device should produce.

Voltage: Choose the iron that has a dual voltage.
Why: you are going somewhere out of your neighborhood, your country, and there is no guarantee that they are using the same voltage. If in the US and Canada, the electrical appliance runs on 110 volts. Meanwhile, it is 127 volts in Mexico. And when you go further to Europe, it raises to 220 volts, also the same in some Asian countries. So if your iron doesn’t exceed this capacity, it sadly just doesn’t work. Be bear in mind that having dual Voltage is a must to your choice.

Steam availability: Do you want steam iron or dry iron? Can’t decide?
Choose the steam iron that can switch into dry iron when required.
Why: Steam iron can do a faster and better job of getting the wrinkle out of fabric and can apply on a variety of garment. But there will be some occasions that you wish to set a crisp crease on your shirt collar,

Weight and Dimension: it must be lightweight, portable and compact, conveniently placed in your suitcase.
Why: We are talking about travel iron, aren’t we?

Travel Adapter: a must-have tool that not only work for this appliance but also for all electrical items you bring on traveling.
Why: Same like Voltage, there was the different plug-in formats in a different country. So make sure you have a Travel Adapter on your bag. You can buy this gear separately from 1-20$. There are several models of the adapter from simplest to most advanced one that can provide access to any power socket in the world, we recommend

Steam shot: This is an advanced function that can save your time and effort.
Why: It might not be a must if you are looking for a budget iron, but more a plus. The alloy with steam shot capacity can help to speed up the ironing process. This function provides an additional burst of steam at a higher vapor rate. Allowing you to apply it quickly to a chosen area without touching the fabric; No requires a surface or an iron boarding underneath, and that makes your job easier and faster.

Power: 800 – 1000 watts.
Why: It hard for you to find a travel iron with more than 1000 watts because of its compact and small size.

Surface coating: We recommend stainless steel soleplate.
Why: Stainless steel is relatively stable, more durable and resistant adverse external influences. It could help the iron have a smooth glide and are easy to clean. You also consider other material; non-stick soleplate is popular use among budget product or anodized aluminum and ceramic.

Design: take an in-depth look at the handle design, either handheld or folded handle. It should fit with your hand and be convenient for holding for a duration of time. It needs to be ergonomic and straightforward to use as well.

Variable temperature: Different types of fabric required the different temperature to work on it sufficiently. They can vary temperature to very low to iron silk to very high to iron linen.

Power cord length: The longer, the better, so you can be comfortable when moving around the hotel room. Another ideal option is to choose a cordless iron for more convenient and lightweight, but the price can be higher.

Warranty: Make sure the item you decide to purchase should enclosed warranty for at least six months, even with a slightly higher rate. They will provide you with free maintenance and repair of a product in the manufacturer’s service.

The Parameter of the iron water tank: If you choose one with steam function, make sure to check the volume and the position of its water tank. It should be convenient and easy for you to fill in water; and the amount should be sufficient to ensure simple task ironing without frequent refilling.

Automatic of switch off the system: This facility would help you save electricity and protect your garment from getting burst. Because the iron might be left unused for too long.


It’s time to enhance your traveling experience and your look on the go. By having a travel iron, you are able to be initiated in every situation aboard to make the best appearance. Check out our top travel iron today.

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