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5 moments that you wish you to buy a travel iron for your trip

Traveling is always a great experience and the must-to-do thing in life. Naturally, when we are so excited about an upcoming gonna-be-fantastic event, we would wish to make it super perfect. We make a plan to pack anything that we are definitely or possibly in need on the way. But then life goes on to surprise us, we still find crazy of an uneasy feeling when lacking something at hands.
Sound like a broken record? Let see if you can feel related to some moments below if you are considering to buy a travel iron.

First, What is travel iron?

They are the unwrinkling device just like the one at your home but being made in the portable size that you can easily carry in your suitcase. They are smaller, cheaper, more convenient and have a variety of choice with ergonomic design. You can choose to buy from a travel iron, travel steam iron, a travel steamer, a compact folding travel iron.

1. Getting so far to shoot a great picture, but …

If you are an Instagrammer, who often feed your IG home with a lot of fancy pictures and love to show a chic and styled mix&match outfit or great #ofotd shoot on famous difference spots on the world. You will understand the feeling of panic when looking at the naughty-wrinkles dress that you intend to wear that afternoon.

2. Have a first date at foreigner country.

Perhaps, it will open exciting adventures, and you don’t tend to be serious at the beginning. But the first impression always plays a crucial role to start a relationship, don’t assume about how long it last yet. You’ve figured out in mind how you would look. Your favorite dress is there in your bag, lipstick is on and the hair is perfect. Accidentally, by the time you take the dress out of your suitcase, the fancy imaginary break into the piece. And then you have to put on a pair of jeans and text-print t-shirt with mouth muttering. “Why God doesn’t bring me an iron when I need the most?”
Sorry, there is no answer.

3. Business meeting 

Hey, you are late!
The meeting is going to take place in 30 mins. And you haven’t figured out the way to stiffen your curled up shirt collar in the hotel room. The traffic in Vietnam is terrible with hourly traffic jam so there no chance of seeking for a solution. You have only one wish to make it on time to the meeting venue . And then having an unconfident and uncomfortable feeling by keeping your hand on the collar.

4. Reunion meeting.

Traveling thousands of miles away to reunite your former classmates in college. It can bring excitement and fear at the same time, there was an old event that you want to relive. But there are also some embarrassing moments that you wish to bury it forever deep down til the core of the earth. 
Apparently, the witness will be at the party as well; hence you have to look gorgeous in any manner to overshine your past mistakes. So if it happens again, like the no.1,2,3 example, you better to run as fast as you can to the nearest fashion shop to get a new dress instead of waiting for the magic happens.

5. You are so meticulous on appearance no matter where you go

That’s me! I rather stay in the hotel room than going out with a messy look. So I am kind of tired to convince you how essential the travel iron should be for a trip. After a few times on the walk in a distant country but rather enjoy the wanderlust, I found myself keep the head around a few tiny wrinkles on the top like an idiot, hoping no one would notice (indeed no one except me who can not get rid of the feeling of unsatisfied from imperfection); I eventually went to buy a travel steam iron and with it heading to any corner of the world.


All thing considered, I know some of you are well-organized and know how to pack the clothes compactly in the luggage. But wrinkling still happens inevitably, especially if you are a fan of cotton or natural fiber fabric, i.e., linen while not all accommodations provide you an iron. 
So if having clothes neat and flatten is the thing that matters to you, don’t wait for God, buy yourself a travel iron.
Cheer with Love!

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